The borough of Broxbourne

A mapping project celebrating place, community and the creativity that lives here.

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What is Mapping Broxbourne?

Mapping Broxbourne aims to:

  • Create a digital interactive map of Broxbourne Boroughs Arts&Cultural Spaces
  • Be informed by conversation and physical mapping with local communities
  • Be a visual tool for discussion in Arts,Culture and community development

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Putting Broxbourne on the map

Facilitated by artist Rosanna Mckenna working with Bristol-based design studio, Fiasco Design, and the community of Broxbourne Borough, we will develop an interactive map of the area that will celebrate its community-led arts and cultural scene.


  • > Document & unravel our cultural landscape in a new, visible and exciting way.
  • > Heighten conversations around Arts&cultural spaces that exsist & their importance to Community

  • > Broxbourne council is due to release a Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy ,Sunset Studios are in development (Waltham Cross) and our landscape is changing with many more developments in the works across borough

    Visit custom Google Map

    Plans for the future

    We can foster Possibilities

  • > Support arts & cultural projects across borough & connect creatives, groups & spaces.
  • > Be a visible presence for Broxbourne’s Arts, cultural & community activity for those in the borough & visitors to the area.
  • > A collaborative participatory research & development tool for expressing community Voices
  • > Inform wider practice around community-led & creative place making
  • Links to community

    The digital map will be a place to share a wide variety of Broxbourne Boroughs cultural spaces,starting with plotting 13 of those.Over the past few months I’ve been working with a number of spaces to continue the physical mapping & presence for the project Currently working on…

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    Who is Rosanna McKenna?

    Rosanna is a creative practitioner, who grew up in Cheshunt. Her Arts practice is a process of creative mapping and consultation, rooted in people, place and community. She uses mapping workshops and creative consultation as a tool to make visible what is present, to inform discussions around what is missing.

    Mapping Broxbourne draws on her innate passion to widen the conversation around creativity in the place she grew up. To foster more opportunity for future generations.

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